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July 29, 2011


This week has been all about multi-tasking.  I’ve observed how the mayor’s staff is doing several projects at once and I’ve been trying to keep several events afloat myself!   In addition to his usual appearances and duties, the Mayor has had two press conferences about pressing issues—MCS and the animal shelter audit.  I’ve been […]

Meeting of the Minds

July 27, 2011


After weeks of planning and rescheduling, yesterday was the One Memphis partner organization meeting with Mayor Wharton. I was so nervous about not using my time efficiently and worried the meeting would lack substance. Neither of those fears materialized, thank goodness! Preparing for the meeting felt like preparing for every normal Friday meeting—I made an […]

Rhodes Partnership

July 18, 2011


This week I focused on the future– from the August kickoff event to where One Memphis will be next summer.  It was therapeutic to think back to January and see how much progress I’ve made with starting a Cities of Service chapter in Memphis.  My fellowship will be renewed through the fall semester, allowing me […]

Good News from Bloomberg

July 8, 2011


This week I learned quite a few things. 1st is that until recently, it was illegal in Memphis to sell food on the street– this law was left on the books from the Yellow Fever days when it was thought bad food was the reason for the rapid spread of the disease. 2nd is that […]

Personal Deadlines

July 1, 2011


Thanks to the large amount of freedom I have to work on my own schedule and at my own pace, I’ve learned the importance of setting and keeping personal deadlines.  Often, projects cannot be done too far in advance because details are undecided, phone calls are expected or something changes at the last minute.  This, […]

Jean-Louis Forain in Memphis

June 24, 2011


Not to worry, Cities of Service and the High Impact Service Plan are nearing completion however, this week is really all about France. The cultural ramifications for the Jean-Louis Forain retrospective at the Dixon Gallery are numerous and will reach their full impact as the summer continues and people find out about the collection.  But, […]

Public Relations

June 20, 2011


The theme of this week is certainly Mayor Wharton.  Tuesday evening I went to the IEC graduation, where the Mayor was the guest speaker.  I arrived early, checked his seat, spoke with the coordinator and waited for Mayor and Mrs. Wharton to arrive.  I was excited and nervous, but the evening went very well.  The […]